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Possibly the most charismatic young man on the planet, Nick, or "Captain Charisma" as he is also known, is here to represent the peepulation. Nick, formerly the author of the failed fanfic series "Sorcerer Wars" is soon to begin writing for a new The Heirs Character, Gregory Cathal. Has the unfortunate tendency to create Sues and Stus. Nick is fairly easy going, and generally has time for anyone if equal respect is observed. In other words, get on Nick's bad side, and he'll punk you out, because, in the words of the good captain, "That's how I roll". Nick's best friend, and brother minus the blood, is of course, Sam, the genius behind the heirs. Their bond is time-tested, bona-fide, and is forged through first disdain, then annoyance, then uneasy alliance, then profitable association, then war, then resolution, then perfect, unhindered, unbreakable love and friendship. In other words, they're pretty damn close. Nick is trying really hard to grasp the writing style, and idea behind the heirs, and has stated in a recent press release that he believes he is "getting there..."

likes: pro wrestling, music, politics, economics, some sports, and good food.

dislikes: anyone more manipulative than himself, being beaten on morality, hypocrisy, suicide, and the HSC

orientation and status: Straight, and single.